ML0188: Advanced Spanish Language Year 1

School Hispanic Studies
Department Code MLANG
Module Code ML0188
External Subject Code R410
Number of Credits 40
Level L4
Language of Delivery English
Module Leader Ms Anna Carrasco
Semester Double Semester
Academic Year 2018/9

Outline Description of Module

This module builds upon the linguistic knowledge acquired at A-Level stage or equivalent. The emphasis is on progressive language learning, reflected through continuous assessment of learning. It integrates the study of a number of key cultural issues with a deepening study of the structures, vocabulary and sounds of the language. Students will manipulate information from spoken and written texts in the Target Language. Students will develop their competencies in using language-learning technologies to support their linguistic progress

On completion of the module a student should be able to

  1. Understand the principles of learning a foreign language intensively and organise their learning with guidance with the tutor
  2. Read, understand and speak the target language to at least the level of B1 Common European Framework
  3. Engage confidently and with appropriate grammatical correctness and spontaneity in everyday conversation in the target language
  4. Write coherent texts in a range of registers on a range of topics with appropriate grammatical accuracy
  5. Extract data and ideas from a range of authentic written texts
  6. Have extended and refined vocabulary and skills by engaging with the Independent Learning Portfolio
  7. Be able to engage with appropriate language learning technologies
  8. To be able to identify, assess, and make good use of appropriate reference materials (e.g. dictionaries; online resources; self-study tool)

How the module will be delivered

Teaching, learning and assessment are designed to enable students to achieve the learning outcomes described above. While part of any class session is likely to involve direct teaching, the emphasis is on student participation and students will be expected to take part actively in discussions and in tasks such as small group and pair work, role play, and individual or group presentation.

There will be 3 hours of language seminars per week.

Independent Learning: You will be expected to spend a significant amount of time studying outside the class. Materials will be provided on Learning Central which will help you develop your expertise as an independent language learner. You will be asked to consolidate your class work by learning vocabulary and linguistic structures, and by reading, watching and/or listening to material in the target language. You will also be expected to prepare exercises and activities for the class, to write assignments and generally begin to acquire a repertoire of effective language learning strategies. Independent Learning logbooks will be provided on Learning Central to help structure your language learning outside class time.

Skills that will be practised and developed

  1. Subject-specific language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) in the target language at the appropriate level
  2. The ability to use language creatively and precisely for a range of purposes and audiences
  3. The abilities to extract and synthesize key information from written, spoken and other sources
  4. A greater awareness of how languages (including the mother tongue) function
  5. The skills to be effective, independent  and self-aware Iearners, including active reflection on learning processes and preferences so as to independently develop appropriate strategies and linguistic skills to ensure progression
  6. The ability to work creatively and flexibly with others as part of a team
  7. Skills in intercultural awareness, understanding and competence, including a critical understanding of other cultures and practice other than one’s own
  8. Enhanced skills in effective communication, presentation and interaction
  9. Enhanced digital literacy skills

How the module will be assessed

E-learning Portfolio  (10%) (Over the 2 semesters)

Class Test (20%) (Semester 1)

Oral Assessment (10%) (Semester 1)

Coursework - Translation (5%) (Semester 1)

Coursework - Essay (5%) (Semester 1)

Coursework - Translation (5%) (Semester 2)

Coursework - Essay (5%) (Semester 2)

Oral Class test (10%) (Semester 2)

2-hour written Examination (30%) (Spring Exam Period)

The opportunity for reassessment in this module - 

At the end of semester 2, students who gain an overall pass in the module will not be required to re-sit any failed components.

If no overall pass is attained, students will submit a coursework portfolio in the August re-sit period.


Assessment Breakdown

Type % Title Duration(hrs)
Class Test 20 Class Test Semester 1 N/A
Class Test 10 Oral Class Test Semester 2 N/A
Written Assessment 5 Essay (Spring Semester) N/A
Written Assessment 5 Translation (Autumn Semester) N/A
Exam - Spring Semester 30 Advanced Spanish Language Year 1 2
Oral/Aural Assessment 10 Oral Assessment Semester 1 N/A
Written Assessment 5 Essay (Autumn Semester) N/A
Portfolio 10 E-Learning Portfolio N/A
Written Assessment 5 Translation (Spring Semester) N/A

Syllabus content

The course will focus on:

Consolidating and building on knowledge of grammar points already studied

Developing more complex sentence structures

Developing the range of vocabulary relevant to contemporary society, as specified in the European Common Framework of Reference, level B1

Developing a sense of different registers

Developing an awareness of the cultural contexts of the target cultures

Making the most of independent learning and learning technologies

Essential Reading and Resource List

Students will be provided with coursekits containing indications of essential reading and materials that will be required in class.

Students are also expected to engage with the materials and resources included in the Independent Learning Portfolios on Learning Central.

Background Reading and Resource List

None given

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