ENT777: Power System Protection

School Cardiff School of Engineering
Department Code ENGIN
Module Code ENT777
External Subject Code H630
Number of Credits 10
Level L7
Language of Delivery English
Module Leader Professor Liana Cipcigan
Semester Autumn Semester
Academic Year 2019/0

Outline Description of Module

  • To introduce students to the main features of power system protection schemes.
  • To equip the students with the ability to apply these schemes to the protection of transmission and distribution networks and plant.

On completion of the module a student should be able to

  • Describe the main components and features of the various power system protection schemes
  • Understand how to implement this schemes using relays
  • Apply electromechanical and numerical relays to the protection of power system components
  • Describe the main features and capabilities of modern multi-functional protection equipment

How the module will be delivered

Lectures and Examples classes.
Experimental task
Computer modelling tasks.

Skills that will be practised and developed

  • Develop comprehensive schemes for the protection of power system equipment.
  • Demonstrate ability to make a critical review of various protection systems used on power systems
  • Carry out experimental work on a power system simulator and relay test sets.
  • Communicate and participate in group activity and discussions in a variety of tasks.
  • Demonstrate appropriate level of autonomy in reporting and analysing results.
  • Analyse and solve problems in power system protection
  • Use computer software to coordinate relaying schemes.

How the module will be assessed

Two-hour written examination (70%)
Computer-based assignment; and
Experimental tasks (30% total)

There is a potential for re-assessment in this module which may result in a 100% written assessment during the August Resit period.

Assessment Breakdown

Type % Title Duration(hrs)
Examination - Autumn Semester 70 Power System Protection 2
Written Assessment 30 Coursework N/A

Syllabus content

Major topics will include:
• Instrument transformers
• Protective relays: electromechanical relays, static and numerical relays
• Over-current, distance and differential protection; Unit protection of generators, transformer and busbars
• Overview of wide-area protection concept.
• Protection laboratory and simulations

Essential Reading and Resource List

Please see Background Reading List for an indicative list.

Background Reading and Resource List

P. M. Anderson, Power System Protection, IEEE Press, McGraw-Hall, 1999

J.D. Glover and M. Sarma, Power System Analysis and Design, PWS Publishing Company, 1994

Arthur Wright and Christos Christopolulos, ‘Electrical Power System Protection’, Springer, 1999.

J. Lewis Blackburn, Thomas J. Domin (Editors), ‘Protective Relaying: Principles and Applications’, Third Edition, CRC Press, 2007.

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