CMT112: Web Application Development

School Cardiff School of Computer Science and Informatics
Department Code COMSC
Module Code CMT112
External Subject Code I100
Number of Credits 20
Level L7
Language of Delivery English
Module Leader Dr Martin Chorley
Semester Autumn Semester
Academic Year 2021/2

Outline Description of Module

This module is intended to introduce students to modern web development tools and techniques and to give them the skills needed to create interactive web applications. The module will examine the basic structure of the internet and the key technologies and programming languages required to create websites. The module will cover many types of website, from simple static HTML pages to complex interactive applications involving both server side and client-side processing.

Students will learn to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript


On completion of the module a student should be able to

  1. Demonstrate awareness of the process by which webpages are delivered to users, from first browser request, through DNS lookup, server-side processing to final HTML response.
  2. Create static HTML pages and apply CSS rules to style and position elements.
  3. Describe, create and manipulate HTML page and element structure (the Document Object Model)
  4. Use JavaScript and popular JavaScript libraries to add interactivity to static HTML webpages.
  5. Access web APIs and data sources, retrieve, manipulate and display data.
  6. Use and adapt relational databases to store and retrieve data.
  7. Use browser debugging tools to understand performance and execution of code in the browser.



How the module will be delivered

Theoretical material and practical demonstrations will be delivered via online videos, to be watched by students prior to the weekly contact sessions.

Weekly contact sessions will include a mixture of activities reinforcing and expanding upon the theoretical concepts introduced online. Laboratory classes will allow students to practice implementation of the practical skills taught.

Skills that will be practised and developed

Use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript for web design and development.

Accessing data and displaying it to users

How the module will be assessed

During this module, the students will create two individual web sites to demonstrate their knowledge and practical skills of web application development and to apply the principles covered online and in contact sessions.

The first assessment, worth 30% of the module marks, will test learning outcomes LO1, LO2, LO3 and LO7. Students will create a basic web site consisting of multiple HTML pages using CSS to style and layout content.

The second assessment, worth 70% of the module marks, will test learning outcomes L03, LO4, LO5, LO6 and LO7. Students will create an interactive web site which includes JavaScript to provide dynamic functionality.

Students will be provided with reassessment opportunities in line with University regulations.


Assessment Breakdown

Type % Title Duration(hrs)
Written Assessment 30 Static Website Development N/A
Written Assessment 70 Interactive Web Application Development N/A

Syllabus content

Basic web site development using HTML and CSS

Interactive web site development using JavaScript.

Libraries for interactive web development

Retrieving and storing data (JSON)

OAuth and API access

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