CM3301: Software Engineering Project

School Cardiff School of Computer Science and Informatics
Department Code COMSC
Module Code CM3301
External Subject Code I100
Number of Credits 40
Level L6
Language of Delivery English
Module Leader Dr Frank Langbein
Semester Double Semester
Academic Year 2017/8

How the module will be assessed

Team Report, Presentation: Each group will be assessed on their ability to present and report on their work.

Individual Report: The students' individual contribution will be assessed through a report.


How the module will be delivered

Students agree to participate in a team for one of the proposed Software Engineering projects at the beginning of the autumn term of the third year. Each team will be allocated a supervisor and moderator. The team manages the overall execution of the project, with each student taking particular responsibility for their part of the project. The supervisor will meet weekly with the team for the first seven weeks to determine the scope and requirements of the project. Students will submit their requirements specification and project plan at the end of week 8 in the Autumn Semester and meet with the supervisor and moderator in the following week. From week 9 each student will develop their individual part of the project, whilst co-ordinating and integrating their work with the other team members. The team will then meet with the supervisor every at least three times during the teaching periods to discuss their progress. The students are expected to meet as a team at least once a week outside of these meetings.

From week 9 of the Autumn Semester the supervisor will meet regularly with each team member, depending on students’ needs e.g. shorter weekly or longer fortnightly meetings during the teaching periods.

The team presents and demonstrates their system in week 10 or 11 of the Spring Semester to their supervisor and moderator. Each student submits an individual report with all project deliverables relating to their part of the project and attends a project viva towards the end of the second semester.

Lectures will be given as necessary to provide relevant information (typically at the beginning of each semester).

Students are expected to undertake about 400 hours of work in total for this module.

Outline Description of Module

This forty credit module provides each student the opportunity to hone their Software Engineering skills within a team and individually, under the guidance of a supervisor. Students will tackle a substantial problem as a team, which will require a significant contribution from each individual in the team. The team will research and analyse the problem then develop a suitable set of requirements and project plan. Each student will need to demonstrate their academic and professional competence by designing implementing and evaluating a solution for their individual part of the project.

The project allows students to show individual creativity and originality whilst working with other team members effectively to co-ordinate their work. Students will be expected to apply appropriate knowledge, skills and techniques taught throughout the degree programme, to further oral and written communication skills, and to practise investigative, problem-solving, management and other transferable skills.

On completion of the module a student should be able to

1. Participate in a substantial Software Engineering team project and take sole responsibility for developing a nontrivial part of the resulting system.

2. Understand the elements of a successful Software Engineering project.

3. Show an appreciation of best practice in solving Software Engineering problems.

4. Exhibit a sound knowledge in the subject area related to the project.

5. Demonstrate in-depth understanding of the technologies and methodologies used in the project.

6. Understand group dynamics associated with the development of nontrivial software systems.

Skills that will be practised and developed

Critically evaluate appropriate literature relevant to the project;

Use appropriate tools, techniques and validation methods in developing solutions;

Critically evaluate solutions and findings resulting from the project;

Plan, organise and implement tasks within time constraints;

Work effectively as a member of the team;

Work independently on their individual part of the project under the project supervisor’s direction;

Report, present and document the findings and deliverables resulting from the project;

Gain an in-depth understanding of the state of the art related to the project’s specific context;

Apply appropriate practices, theory and technology to solving the problem;

Develop solutions rationally using a disciplined approach agreed by the team, with regard to the social and legal context of the project.

Assessment Breakdown

Type % Title Duration(hrs)
Presentation 10 Up To 1 Hr Presentation Including Questions And A Demo Of The System N/A
Report 75 Individual Report Of Up To 20,000 Words And Viva N/A
Report 15 Team Report Of Up To 5,000 Words Per Team Member N/A

Essential Reading and Resource List

General guidance for executing the project and writing the reports is available on the PATS wiki at For further guidance see the references provided there. Additional guidance on the reports should also be sought from the supervisor.

Background Reading and Resource List

Depending on the topic of the project, further texts and other resources may be recommended by the supervisor.

Syllabus content

Projects vary widely in the problem they address, however, all projects involve the following:

  • Production of a written team report. This will consist of a Project Initiation Document, initial Requirements Specification, Overall Project Plan including individual projects plans for each team member. The Team is required to submit the project plan at the end of week 7 of the first semester.
  • Presentation and Demonstration of the developed system will take place in week 8 of the second semester.
  • The individual report will include an overview of the project including a summary of the student’s agreed individual responsibilities; analysis of the problem specifically relating to their part of the project including any background related to the context of the project; a discussion of the development of their part of the project covering detailed design, implementation and testing; an evaluation of the product and process at a team and individual level; a reflection on the individual and team performance. This will be submitted at the end of the second semester.
  • A project viva is scheduled for each team member, after the complete project has been submitted. This will involve various questions from the supervisor and moderator relating to the student’s contribution to the project and clarify any questions or issues that may arise from the report. Failure to attend the viva will result in failing the module.

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