CHT008: Research Project

School Cardiff School of Chemistry
Department Code CHEMY
Module Code CHT008
External Subject Code F100
Number of Credits 60
Level L7
Language of Delivery English
Module Leader Dr David Miller
Semester Dissertation Semester
Academic Year 2018/9

Outline Description of Module

This module aims to introduce students to working in an active research environment, allowing them to apply the knowledge gained in the taught portion of the programme to a problem of current interest. Practical skills such as project planning, literature searching, scientific writing, and presentation will form a large part of the module, along with a deeper understanding of the particular subject matter involved.

On completion of the module a student should be able to

  1. Review current literature on a specified topic, using traditional and electronic media, and hence assess the viability and necessary resources for a project.
  2. Produce a research plan, including milestones and timing, and implement this plan over the course of a project
  3. Write a detailed report on a piece of research, in the form of, and of a standard suitable for publication in a peer-reviewed journal
  4. Present the major findings of their research to an audience of peers and interested non-specialists
  5. Indicate briefly how their research might be followed up, and produce an outline research proposal for a subsequent project

How the module will be delivered

Students will undertake a research project in an area of current interest under the supervision of a member of academic staff, and present their findings orally and in writing.

Skills that will be practised and developed

Skills in experimental work, project planning, literature searching, scientific writing, and presentation.

How the module will be assessed

The module will be assessed by a combination of an oral examination (20%), a dissertation (50%), an oral presentation (20%), and the supervisor's report (10%).

Assessment Breakdown

Type % Title Duration(hrs)
Dissertation 40 Written Report N/A
Presentation 20 Oral Presentation N/A
Oral/Aural Assessment 20 Oral Examination N/A
Practical-Based Assessment 20 Supervisor'S Report N/A

Syllabus content

Literature review on background and related current work; Project planning, including overall goals and individual milestones and timings.

Familiarisation with specific laboratory and/or computational techniques required for project; Application to preliminary problems, and assessment of viability of project goals and timing.

Application to full scale research problems; Recording, analysis, and interpretation of results.

Review of project goals and milestones in the light of initial results; Re-draft of project plan

Drafting, revision, and final presentation of dissertation; Oral presentation of results, with question & answer session; Outline of proposal for subsequent research.

Essential Reading and Resource List

There is no specific reading list associated with this module.

Background Reading and Resource List

There is no specific reading list associated with this module.

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